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  • size: 1/2″ to 4″

    temperature range:  PTFE( -20C° to 180C° )

    valve material:SS316

  • size: 1/2″ to 4″

    temperature range:  PTFE( -20C° to 180C° )

    valve material:SS316

  • For belts with frequent belt-length alterations or smaller pulleys

    On-site installation with portable hand and power tools

    Low cost, long life splice.

    Easy to install and re-install

    Non-magnetic and spark-free options

  • Strong and reliable.
    Easy maintenance.
    Modular design, to fit the product to be handled.
    Available in ATEX design.

    Accessories: Manual handle actuators – Geared motor actuators – Pneumatic actuators – Electro-valves and solenoid coils – Limit switches – Flexible connections.

    Sizes: DN100 – DN150 – DN200 – DN250 – DN300 – DN350 – DN400.

    Shaft: (extended) square shaft ISO 5211 – (extended) spline shaft DIN 5482.

    Material: Aluminum body – aluminum pivoting vane – stainless steel pivoting vane.

    Seal: standard powder seal – air tight seal, tested to 0,2 bar over/under pressure.

  • Drill Rods, Shank Adapters and Couplings are produced from the carefully selected hollow drillsteels. Robit® drill rods provide advantages of the maximum strength with long thread lifetime.

  • External Electric Vibrators are used in a number of different applications: as material flow aids, for screening, conveying, cleaning, detaching, compacting, and sorting.

    Electric Vibrators are available in different sizes and RPM.

  • Multi-ply conveyor belts for general purposes and extremely abrasive materials handling .

    Nb of ply: up to 6
    thickness: up to 20 mm

  • Centrifugal Fan
    available in high,medium and low pressure .
    motor size from 0.09kw up to 100kw

  • Pulley lagging for drive pulleys

    To improve the coefficient of friction between the conveyor belt and the drive pulley and to ensure friction grip even under unfavorable drive ratios the pulleys are lagged with profiled rubber.

    Correx® with mini diamond profile

    Length: 10,000 mm
    Width: 2,000 mm
    Thickness: 6-10 mm

  • Ring blowers are often used as part of an industrial equipment and machine for air supply purposes. Common applications of the blower are pneumatic conveying systems, parts handling with vacuum systems, packaging, sewage treatment systems, fish pond aeration, powder transportation, printing, and etc.
    there are two different impeller stages which falls into single and double. The double stage has two impellers compresses air twice before discharge.
    Advantages of using ring blowers are low-maintenance and oil-free design providing continuous operation.

  • screen mesh and wire grids according to DIN 4192//ISO.4783-3
    Apertures from 1,0 to 80,0 mm

  • Most common type of conveyor roller.
    supporting the loaded section of the belt.
    rollers are available in different diameter and length.